Four new environmental protection standards for upholstered furniture

Moving into a new home, the newly purchased sofas and mattresses always have an unpleasant smell. In order to understand whether the furniture is environmentally safe, Mr. Yin, the public, thought of sending the test to the test. The result was that the relevant departments were also helpless because they had no basis to follow. The reporter learned from the Suzhou Quality Supervision Department that with the recent promulgation of four new standards for soft furniture, the software family will have a limited amount of toxic and hazardous substances. In the future, encounters like Mr. Yin will no longer happen.

Nowadays more and more furniture is no longer a single piece of wood, many of which use materials such as glass, metal and even sponge. However, in the current national standard GB18584-2001 "Restriction of Hazardous Substances in Wood Furniture for Interior Decoration Materials", the relevant testing methods only deal with the formaldehyde emission of the plates used in furniture, heavy metal lead in paint, mercury, cadmium, etc. The content is specified, and the toxic and harmful substances such as total volatile organic compounds and azo dyes (decomposable aromatic amines) contained in the upholstered furniture are not described. This has also led many soft furniture manufacturers to simply accept the formaldehyde emission as the basis for environmental protection of the product. The overall environmental protection of the furniture is not objectively reflected.

It is understood that the forthcoming "Limited Quantity of Hazardous Substances in Soft Furniture Mattresses", "Limited Quantity of Harmful Substances in Upholstered Furniture Sofas", "Determination of Dimethyl Ester Content in Furniture", "Soft Furniture Sofa" Four Soft Furniture New In the standard, the selection of raw and auxiliary materials for soft furniture and the production process have been stipulated. For the first time, the limited index of formaldehyde, dimethyl fumarate and azo dye in the soft furniture products. The definition of harmful substances has been increased, and the harm of the anti-flame retardant in the mattress fabric to the human body has been introduced, and five kinds of flame retardants which are prohibited are clearly defined. The "climate box detection" method adopted in the new standard effectively compensates for the inadequacy of local destructive testing. No matter which material is used for soft furniture, as long as an environmental protection index is not up to standard, it will be concentrated in the comprehensive test results.

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