Environmentally friendly flooring to meet the green needs of consumers

Due to the rapid development of China's flooring industry and fierce competition among enterprises, some enterprises blindly pursue low cost and low price to compete for a larger market share, relax the environmental performance of products, and choose organic materials and adhesives. The volatiles are seriously exceeded, which directly damages the physical and mental health of consumers. As a result, home improvement consumers are increasingly demanding environmentally friendly flooring .

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From the current point of view, although the cost price of environmentally friendly flooring is still relatively high, but from the ecological and health aspects, floorers should look more long-term. Only in this way can we be worthy of our social offspring and the environment. Green environmental protection has been hanged by people, and health is the first. Now consumers are mostly healthy and green. In the process of home decoration, the requirements for environmental protection are naturally indispensable. The first is to choose environmentally friendly products. In many types of household products, our usual point of view is: the more natural the raw materials, the higher the environmental performance. But in fact, any natural materials must be processed, and if the method used in the process is not environmentally friendly, it will also affect the environmental performance of the product.

Numerous floors clearly indicate that nature and environmental protection will be the trend of the flooring industry. However, there are still many ambiguities about the environmental protection of the flooring industry. For example, green is the saying of environmental protection. 'Real green and environmentally friendly decoration is currently difficult to achieve. 'Industry experts speak amazingly. Benzene, formaldehyde, radiation... These 'by-products' that are inseparable from the home decoration are increasingly causing public concern, so the decoration companies almost invariably played the 'green' and 'environmental' brands. Some floor manufacturers use consumers' pursuit of green consumption to promote to consumers, the floor is green and the floor is environmentally friendly.

Whether the floor is environmentally friendly or not is determined by two important factors: first, the low formaldehyde content in the product is harmful to the human body, and second, there are certain sterilization measures. Do not add any dye to the substrate to maintain the color of the wood itself; use a more environmentally friendly low aldehyde glue to minimize the formaldehyde content; and add antibacterial and antibacterial materials to the floor immersion to create a real Environmentally friendly flooring in the sense.

As everyone knows, this kind of propaganda has caused consumers to fall into a misunderstanding. Green does not necessarily mean environmental protection. In the European flooring industry, the green core material is a sign of waterproofing and does not reflect the indicators related to the core material and human health. The floor of the domestic green core material is neither guaranteed to be waterproof nor environmentally friendly. In China, neither the government industry authorities nor other authoritative institutions have clearly defined the color of the core material. The green pigment substrate floor is considered to be an environmentally friendly product, and the producer is a misleading intention, and the consumer has misunderstood. The current mainstream of the society is environmental protection, health, ecology, energy conservation, and the promotion of environmentally friendly flooring will lead the flooring industry to become more mainstream in the society. The environmental protection of flooring is not only a sustainable development path, but also an important aspect to ensure people's health and improve their quality of life. It is an inevitable trend and trend in the development of the flooring industry. The eco-friendly flooring, a new and energetic product, is sure to be more active in the market.

With the increasing awareness of environmental protection and energy conservation, more and more signs indicate that home improvement consumers have become an inevitable trend in choosing green building materials. More and more people in the industry have reached a consensus: environmentally friendly flooring should be more encouraged and promoted. 'Selecting environmentally friendly flooring and improving the quality of home life are increasingly becoming the focus of attention of every modern family. Environmentally friendly flooring is a trend that will never change. 'A floor person said.

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