Evaluation: Color Spring Love Iris Lazio Combination Sofa

At first glance, I saw the Ayres Lazio sofa , which is full of spring-like vitality. This sofa is composed of 5 single-back sofas and 2 corner sofas and 3 sofa beds. It is relatively large in size and is suitable for large living rooms. However, since each sofa is independent, consumers can mix and match according to their own living room space, making the living room easy.

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   The design of the Ayres Lazio sofa is particularly user-friendly. The sofa backrest can be adjusted according to the comfort level of the owner, and the adjustment method is easy to learn. According to the clerk, the consumers often worry that the adjustment of the sofa back will cause looseness and deformation. In fact, the hardware inside the sofa is guaranteed for eight years, so you can use it with confidence.

The material of this Ayres Lazio sofa is mainly divided into two types, one is velvety cloth and the other is striped fabric. For fabric materials and color consumers are optional.

For the fabric sofa, the washing and unloading is inevitable, and the Ai Ris Lazio series is no exception. The seat and back cover of the sofa are all loopable and detachable. We opened the zipper and saw that the cloth was snug and flat. The zipper can also be locked above, so as to prevent the zipper from opening itself and affecting the use.

The shape and decoration of the Ayres Lazio sofa are hand-stitched, and the stitches are evenly visible and the sewing is meticulously detailed. The button is secure.

The Ayres Lazio sofa is made up of a single-back sofa, a corner sofa and a sofa bed. Consumers can mix and match according to the size of the space. There are also a variety of fabric materials and patterns to choose from. The crowd purchase, the adjustable backrest can make the sofa change shape and create a variety of living rooms.

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