The original design of Li Jichun: rate and not according to common sense

Li Jichun, chief designer of Benyuan Design Office

Requires rigorous detail to reflect design

Li Jichun, a childhood, lived in a small village in the simple, and entered the interior design profession because of the marginal meeting. Under the guidance of the teacher, he worked in the construction company for two years after graduating from university, and then went to Japan to study design, which was four years.

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[Reporter] Many people have dreams when they are young, and some dreams will have a great impact on their own development. What is your dream of being a child? How did you get involved with the design?

[Li Jichun] I have been painting from high school to high school. When I was a child, I wanted to be a fashion designer. But when I was in the college entrance examination, I just got a grade in the environmental art profession of a school. From then on, I went to the interior design. the road. Because I used to live in the countryside, I couldn't afford to buy a computer after I learned the design. Later, the school teacher introduced some work to me, then I bought a computer and started my design career slowly.

[Reporter] What kind of influence did your college education have on your creative path?

[Li Jichun] Great influence, the teacher of the school told me that if you really learn the design, you should lay a good foundation in architecture, because the building does not play in a fixed space like indoors, but puts a Space is created, and if you understand the space and then do it indoors, the design works will have more space. So after I graduated, I went to the building for 2 years and learned a lot about the structure. Later I went to Japan to study.

[Reporter] Are there any things that impress you when you study and work in Japan?

[Li Jichun] After I went to Japan, I found that the architecture of Japanese people is really different from that of domestic architecture. The Japanese people’s requirements for details are almost perfect. When they first went to Japanese companies, they were not awkward.

[Reporter] Because the details of the design are not in place, what?

[Li Jichun] I am the fastest one in Japan using computer to make drawings. The pictures, dimensions, people, etc. are all very fine, and the visual space has been made very fine to be completely invisible. However, the Japanese company has a very strong plan, and the requirements are very fine, so the size is somewhat different. At that time, I developed good habits, and by now I will be very strict with my colleagues.

[Reporter] Is it obvious that the style of your work will have obvious Japanese patterns?

[Li Jichun] Nor will it, because there is no fixed style in Japanese style, but the feeling of space is indeed a trace. The Japanese are more rigorous in doing things. This is something Chinese people deserve to learn from the Japanese. There are also Japanese people who do their own things well. The ideas are generally supported and put into practice. They may focus on design with their environment. Industry related.

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