Transfer machine hot stamping machine

HKHTM2040 heat transfer machine


1 Electronically integrated multi-function program to ensure stable and reliable machine operation.
2 Omron thermostat is used to ensure stable heat generation temperature and guarantee hot stamping quality.
3 Toggle mechanism design, less compressed air consumption, strong pressure.
4 stamping pressure, temperature, hot pressing time is adjustable.
5 The table can be automatically moved back and forth for safe and fast operation.
6 The table can be adjusted front and rear, left and right, and rotated.
7 Automatic paper feeding, delivery, and adjustable.
8 After installing Taiwan Photocell (Electric Eye), the thermal transfer paper with contact points can be tracked in place.
9 The height of the hot stamping head is adjustable, which can be used for hot stamping.
10 can be customized according to customer requirements design and installation of precision cross table, finely adjusted before and after the left and right.
11 can be installed in accordance with customer requirements electric eye two-speed mode positioning, so that the pattern more accurate alignment.
12 Safety emergency stop protection device is provided to protect the operator's safety.
13 Press the high-temperature hot head to set the time-delay rolling function after stopping heating to avoid the high-temperature damage of the silicone wheel.
14 can be customized according to customer requirements design profiling / profile stamping thermal transfer machinery.
15 According to the requirements of customers, the horizontal table can be designed to move around the entire table to reduce the error and improve the accuracy and stability.
16 can be customized according to customer requirements large-size hot foil transfer, silicone wheel to do 400mm, 600,800,1000 and other special specifications.

Product parameters:

Hot plate area: 200×400mm
Hot stamping round surface diameter: ≤250mm
Maximum stamping pressure: 500KG-8000KG
Power supply: 220V

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