Magic floor from master to mass

The floor also has a magical style? What is the magic floor? In 2013, the flooring industry blew a "magic" style. Guided by magical style, the floor no longer flows in simple styles and monotonous colors. Color-changing tones, romantic and colorful mosaics, concrete or abstract patterns, craftsmanship, and stylish design all make the ground expressions more colorful, and quietly change the dullness that the floor once left. Impression of indifference.

The three important factors that “magic” bring to people's vision and feeling are: breakthroughs in shape, color and pattern. Shape has always been the basis of the spatial image. Color is the basic element that conveys visual information. The magic floor is more prominent in the purity of the color, whether it is black, white, red or blue, it will be a very high purity color, making the whole space full of artistic sense. The pattern can effectively enhance the artistic sense and expressiveness of the floor. Therefore, the parquet flooring with different wood species and the decorative floor is the mainstream of the magic floor. The criss-crossing splicing method makes the parquet floor more durable and the color change is more transitional. Naturally, it presents a bright and clean sense of space. The mix of different materials, such as porcelain, glazed, copper-plated floors, and gold-plated and parquet floors, with the richness of their creative materials and breakthroughs in creative limitations, produces a contrasting effect that makes the ground art stunning. The magical charm. From the perspective of vision and sense, "magic" uses the visual stimulation of design to realize the artistic sense of home space from point to face.

The word innovation is a revolution for the floor itself. The ground art is gradually becoming a "one-of-a-kind" in the interior design from the original single expression. The floor decoration material is transformed from catering to a design style to guiding one. Interior style, this change is a slow, subtle process. In the long process of the development of the floor to the present, its expression has been branded in the hearts of the public. To truly create new ideas, it also needs Complete it in a time period.

From the baroque hand scraping to the new geometricism to the current Venice series, the floor has diversified from color, style and material. It can be said that the floor is not only visually, but also profoundly changed from the sense of hearing, smell and touch, so that innovation reflects the true magic from the inner feelings of consumers. The magic floor of 2013 will be more open and inclusive. The use of floor materials will no longer be confined to the ground, and it is likely to “crawl” onto the wall, even on the ceiling, and the limitations of space will be broken.

Different design elements such as virgin porcelain, gold, and glaze will be combined on the floor to make the floor products more colorful and expressive, satisfying more individual needs. For flooring products, the qualitative change from industrial products to art works not only requires a huge breakthrough in creative thinking, but also a breakthrough in technology is a bigger problem. As a practical art piece, the wooden floor ensures that the inlay is firm and does not fall off during the processing, and it is resistant to pedaling and abrasion; it also ensures that the seamless connection between different materials is easy to take care of, without ash and dirt.

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