Promotes and improves the production technology of carton machinery

Before the 1970s, carton production equipment was operated by a single machine, and the production efficiency was very low. In the 1980s, some carton enterprises started to introduce advanced equipment from Japan. However, due to the high cost of imported equipment from abroad, the majority of domestic carton enterprises are unacceptable, and they are opening up the market for domestic machinery and equipment companies. Dongguan Carton Machinery Support Service Production Center proud Carton Machinery Co., Ltd. With the development and needs of the carton industry, it has also continued to develop. Taiwan's advanced production technology has been introduced to manufacture automatic carton machines, water-based printers, slot machines and other carton equipment. Due to the rapid development of the carton industry, it is forcing the domestic carton machinery industry to improve its product quality and move closer to the international advanced. Aeon Carton Machinery has successively studied the international carton machinery production technology and service concept, developed a network of multi-color surface printing die-cutting carton equipment, through automatic printing die-cutting to achieve beautiful, generous, lightweight, to provide consumers with convenience. The formation of the current more advanced carton packaging machinery and equipment.

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