Skin care misunderstandings lead to frequent spots

Do you have the following skin care problems that cause pigmentation? Xiaobian takes you to the problem and corrects it.

陋习一: Excessive use of smart whitening products

Don't look at smart whitening products to make you more beautiful and whiter. In fact, smart whitening products are much more likely to contain heavy metals than other functional skin care products, and the more amazing the effect of smart whitening products, the greater the damage to the skin. For example, “bleaching” your skin every day will make the skin more fragile and fragile, and the pigment will be deposited more easily.

Habit 2: only apply isolation without sunscreen

The cream can only isolate the dust and dust that is harmful to the skin in the air into the sweet birch pores. Only the sunscreen is applied every day to protect the skin from ultraviolet rays, and the purpose of suppressing the pigmentation is natural. Be sure to have a full-day sunscreen without dead ends to get the color spots away from you.

陋习三: Insufficient moisturizing in the u area

If you only care about the oily and sweet birch pores that appear in the t-zone and ignore the u-zone that is the most easily long-spotted, the stain will soon become entangled in you due to insufficient moisturizing. People's cheeks are the easiest to lose moisture, just the opposite of the maintenance method in the t area, need to carry out targeted moisturizing, only to consolidate the water, the face will not easily dry the spot.

陋习四: Wearing too thin

do you know? Wearing too thin can also cause stains. Nowadays, the most popular "Qi b" skirt meets the desire of many girls to show their graceful appearance. However, if you wear a thin one in the cold season, not only will the pits smash your baby's face, but the body's blood flow will not be The blood can not moisturize the facial skin, and it is very easy to deposit the black pigment.

陋习五: often horny

Some mm are afraid that the face will not absorb the effective finished products of the skin care products, and often the face is horny. In fact, this practice can easily lead to long spots on the face. When the stratum corneum is thin, the black pigment deposited on the dermis layer is easily evoked and becomes a shameful facial stain, so parents must be careful to horny.

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