Waterless printing is extremely environmentally friendly

Traditional offset printing is based on the principle of mutual exclusion of ink and ink. In places where there is no image, hydrophilic areas without ink and areas with images are not hydrophilic, but water also causes various printing quality problems such as over-emulsification of ink and water. Traces, etc., need to add alcohol (isopropanol) to reduce the side effects caused by water. At the same time, isopropanol also generates volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which have an impact on the environment.

The non-watermark version is a flat-grained version. Its graphic part is in the recessed part with ink. The silicone coating on the printing plate does not contain ink and does not require the use of fountain solution. This has several advantages.

First, since the anhydrous version does not contain water and isopropanol, it will not generate volatile organic compound (VOC) and dampening waste liquid, which will be beneficial to protect the health of operators, improve the production environment of the workshop, and environmental protection.

Second, the water-free version of the water development method, version of the water can be simply processed, does not contain harmful substances, are environmentally friendly printing materials.

Third, water-free printing uses environmentally friendly plant-based oil-based ink, safe and environmentally friendly.

Fourthly, due to the effect of water in traditional offset printing, the dot enlargement rate is relatively large; the dot enlargement rate of waterless printing is relatively small, which can make the graphic of the printed matter bright and bright, with rich color layers, and can effectively improve the quality.

Fifth, waterless printing solves the problems originally caused by water, effectively shortens the school machine time, reduces the number of test proofs, and reduces the amount of defective products. It also saves the cost of fountain solution and other materials. From this perspective, waterless printing helps save production costs.

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