BB cream four major misunderstandings

BB Cream is a regenerative cream with whitening function. Therefore, only one BB cream is used to resist the effects of ultraviolet rays, foundation makeup, and covering defects. Therefore, it is the choice of a professional woman who is busy with entrepreneurship. However, this means that only a layer of BB cream is applied to complete the nude makeup, and it does not mean that the basic skin care is not needed before use. In order for BB cream to achieve its desired results, it is necessary to fully understand the use. First of all, we must get rid of the four major mistakes.

BB cream four major misunderstandings

BB cream four major misunderstandings

Myth #1: BB cream does not require basic care before use.

Many BB creams on the market are marked with strong nursing functions, which makes many MMs think that after cleaning the face, you can directly apply the BB cream to the entire face, skipping the more complicated basic nursing steps.

Correction: Basic care should be done before using BB cream.

Before using BB cream, you must use skin care lotion, lotion or essence to carry out basic maintenance to ensure that the skin is rubbed with BB cream under moisturizing conditions. Although BB cream has a certain skin care effect, it can not completely replace the basic skin care products, otherwise it will make the skin dry.

Misunderstanding 2: BB cream absorbs quickly, it doesn't matter if you paint a little more

BB cream is usually made of natural ingredients. One of the characteristics is that the skin is slightly sticky when it is finished, but in a few minutes, the skin and BB cream can fit together, and the sticky feeling disappears. MM think that this feature of BB cream can make BB cream smear no matter how much, it is also one of the misunderstandings.

Correction: Applying too much BB cream will make the makeup thick and heavy.

The effect of BB cream is equivalent to the makeup we use every day. We think that if the usual foundation is too much, our face is like a thick white wall, and BB cream is the same. To make the makeup look thin, moderation is the key.

Myth 3: No need to remove makeup after using BB cream .

Because BB cream has a curing function, the texture is also relatively thin, so many MM completely forget the step of removing makeup after going home, this is a big taboo for skin care! Everyone must pay attention

Correction: You need to remove makeup after using BB cream.

BB cream is a kind of foundation. If it is not clean and remove makeup, it may cause clogging of pores. It must be removed with a cleansing product, just like after we make other makeup. After removing makeup, it can be reversed with clean wet tissue. Wipe the skin up to verify that the makeup is completely removed. If the tissue is clean, it means the makeup has been cleaned.

Myth 4: Apply only a layer of BB cream to complete the nude makeup

Many MMs see Korean temperament beauty will feel their skin white and tender, "no makeup wins makeup", this is the charm of nude makeup, it is more in line with the needs of daily makeup. However, not just applying a layer of BB cream is equivalent to completing a nude makeup.

Correction: BB cream needs to be combined with other make-up products to create nude makeup

The actual function of BB cream on the makeup is equivalent to the foundation, there is a touch and a certain concealing effect, but if there are obvious defects on the skin of MM, it is recommended to use a thinner concealer before the BB cream, the effect is better. . BB cream texture is generally more moist, so after finishing the BB cream, you should use the powder to set the makeup, then apply a little blush, add natural long mascara, gel-like eye shadow, delicate eyeliner and lip gloss to complete the natural nude makeup. .

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