Buying mahogany furniture three "no"

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When people buy mahogany furniture, they are often misled by some ideas, leading to a detour on the road to buy collections.

Heavy material is not heavy art

When many collectors buy mahogany furniture, they think that if they buy the real furniture, they will buy the precious mahogany furniture and they will be able to preserve and appreciate. In fact, this is wrong. Buying mahogany furniture can not only be seen as a real precious mahogany, but also depends on its production process. From an aesthetic point of view, it is very important to see whether it is beautiful or not. Whether it is antique mahogany furniture or old mahogany furniture, as long as the craft is not in place, its collection value will be greatly reduced. If the product is not in place, the process is rough, and it is not meaningful to collect it.

Non-redwood does not buy

The "Redwood New National Standard" contains a total of 33 species of wood belonging to 5 genera, 8 categories and 8 categories. These 33 kinds of wood are the main materials used in the traditional furniture of the Ming and Qing Dynasties, but they do not include some of the high-quality woods that are newly discovered to make traditional furniture. For example, African red iron wood, domestic red bean fir , are traditional furniture. Good wood is even better than some of the wood in the National Standard. Therefore, consumers are advised not to stare at the wood in the "GBB". As long as the material is good and they like it, they do not have to insist that it is a mahogany.

Non-"full" furniture does not buy

“Full” is a term used in the mahogany furniture industry to mean that a piece of mahogany furniture is made of a certain kind of wood without mixing different kinds of wood. That is to say, furniture made of the same material is called full furniture.

Now some people are not full of furniture and don't buy it. In fact, there is absolutely no need for it: First, these large pieces of furniture are made entirely of mahogany wood, which is too heavy and inconvenient to handle. Second, these woods are precious and rare woods. waste.

Chinese traditional mahogany furniture, especially in Ming and Qing furniture, does not pursue the so-called "full furniture", but also involves the matching of furniture colors and the mutual constraints of materials. During the Ming and Qing Dynasties, the furniture used by the emperors in the Forbidden City was rarely used. Unless it was a chair or table that was seen everywhere, the cabinets were almost completely empty, and the parts that were not visible were replaced with firewood. This is extremely normal.

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