Bright furniture takes the green road

The 21st century is known as the "green century". “Green” is harmless to human health and has the lowest loss of environmental resources. For furniture products, it is necessary to meet the "big environment" of protecting the earth's resources, preventing pollution, and benefiting future generations, as well as meeting the requirements of consumers' health, aesthetics, and application.

Since its inception, Guangming Furniture has infiltrated the concept of “green environmental protection” into the furniture production environment, furniture design, raw material selection, and social responsibility. It has created an environmentally-friendly production enterprise, which has been smashed in Yichun and foreign companies. A green storm, "Green Yichun, high quality" slogan is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, has established a good reputation and image in the industry, won the "green furniture company's well-known brands", "environmental furniture" listed sales enterprises, "2012 Most popular with consumers, the top ten solid wood brands and other honorary titles.

Guangming Furniture knows that only the environmentally friendly production environment can produce green products. For this reason, Guangming Furniture takes the construction of industrial parks as an opportunity to increase the prevention and control of dust in the workplace of employees. In the workshop of the industrial park that has been put into use, 18 sets of automatic grinding equipment have been purchased, equipped with a new type of indoor vacuum cleaner with better ventilation and dust collection effect. New high-precision, low-noise and energy-saving technologies with variable frequency control technology are selected. Equipment that greatly reduces dust pollution. In the painting process, it is equipped with an automatic paint production line to realize computer control and outdoor operation; the paint shop is equipped with a positive pressure dust-free paint spray booth, and the paint spray equipment uses a water curtain air filter system to effectively separate the paint residue from the air and carry out Centralized and harmless treatment. At the same time, the construction of the new park has created conditions for the enterprise to save energy and reduce emissions, especially in the transformation of the boiler room. The purchase of a new boiler, the capacity is reduced by more than half, greatly reducing the carbon dioxide emissions. Other facilities in the park also highlight the green concept. The streetlight system and office building, canteen and dormitory in the factory adopt solar energy system, which is energy-saving and beautiful; the sewage treatment is implemented in a unified management, and the district heating has been incorporated into the city's heating pipe network to minimize environmental pollution, and the enterprise has received significant economic benefits. And environmental benefits.

Guangming Furniture has won the favor of customers not only because of its unique design, but also because of its green and environmental characteristics. Because Guangming adheres to the concept of “green, environmental protection, high quality and practicality”, its main products are pure solid wood furniture. From the selection of materials, the use of chemical products is greatly reduced; the coatings used in furniture are produced and inspected in strict accordance with JIS standards. The adhesive meets the Japanese JIS standard and the European D3 grade requirements, and has passed the F4 star test of the Japan Diamond Research Institute, which has ensured the environmental protection advantages of Bright Furniture. The company has obtained ISO9001 international quality system certification, passed ISO14001 international environmental management system certification, occupational health and safety management system certification, and China environmental labeling product certification.

While creating green quality furniture, Guangming Group also went to the society, enthusiastically promoted environmental protection, actively participated in public welfare activities, rewarded the society with green, and established a good corporate image of light and social responsibility. As early as the end of the last century, Guangming Furniture launched a tree planting public welfare activity in Beijing, and started the first station of “Guangming Furniture Green Miles”. In 2010, Guangming Furniture launched the “Working Together to Brighten the Green Forest of the Motherland”, planting “Bright Love Forest” in the Yimao Umahe Forestry Bureau, “repaying” the wood used in the production of furniture to Dashan, and organizing furniture throughout the country in due course. Consumption on-site visits, evoke more people to participate in the protection of the ecological environment; in March this year, Guangming Furniture Shijiazhuang Company and Wuxi Company actively participated in the “Guangming Furniture Green Miles” activity organized by the Group and carried out “making the earth more beautiful”. The “One Point” theme of tree planting and public welfare activities has caused good repercussions in the local area. Recently, Guangming Furniture Nanjing Company sent the concept of green environmental protection to the residents. In the “Jiangsu Public Welfare Environmental Protection” organized by the Nanjing Women’s Federation, Guangming Furniture sent “Environmental Low Carbon, Beautiful Nanjing” to the residents. The theme series of public welfare lectures were warmly welcomed by the general public.

It is believed that with the continuous development of the company, Guangming Group will take environmental protection priority and green production as the foundation and survival of the enterprise. It must not only send green to consumers, but also send health. Bright enterprises will also be The road of green, ecological and environmental protection is becoming wider and wider.

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