Intelligent home life: a new highlight to improve the quality of home improvement

In the hot summer, when you are ready to go home, you can turn on the air conditioner in your home in advance by calling a mobile phone, let the juicer prepare a glass of fresh juice... Lazy winter, lying on the sofa in the living room, you can let the remote control The printer in the next-door study prints the documents needed for tomorrow's meeting... The security of the community is weak, and the gas leaks out. Whoever has broken in, can notify the server of the alarm in time, no matter where you are. I can use it to understand the situation at home...

This kind of scene will definitely make you feel that you are entering the magician's treasure chest, but it may be the future of our daily life. Our home has become smart enough to free human beings from trivial matters. In fact, this kind of residential life already exists around us and is not as expensive as we think.

Smart home, also known as smart home or smart home, is a smart system that is commonly used in foreign countries. It is a total system that uses computer, network and integrated wiring technology to organically combine various subsystems related to home life through the family information management platform. . First, they need to establish a communication network in a home, provide the necessary access to family information, and control and monitor home appliances and other devices on all home networks under the control of the network. Secondly, they also constitute a communication channel with the outside world to realize communication with the world outside the home to meet remote control.

Smart home is a virtual world controlled by computer. Every item controlled is just an integrated circuit on this system. When lights, TVs, computers and even microwave ovens no longer need to be switched, we can completely ignore their names and enjoy only The result they bring. At this time, we may feel that we are the owner of the house.

The world's first intelligent building appeared in Connecticut, USA in 1984. At that time, it only changed the old building to a certain extent, using computer systems to monitor and control the air conditioning, elevators, lighting and other equipment of the building. Provide information services such as voice communication, email and intelligence materials. Until a few years ago, the United States, Europe and other countries with more developed economies put forward the concept of "smart home" on a large scale, and turned it into a complete system. Smart homes have been around for more than two decades since the beginning of the 1980s, but they have greatly evolved the history of mankind. At present, smart homes are very common in developed countries, but they are still in their infancy in China. However, consumers in China can also enjoy products that are synchronized with foreign countries. At present, the frequency of smart homes used in villas is relatively high, and there are fewer in ordinary houses.

Many people think that smart home is a high-end consumption of a few people, but in fact, the current low-grade smart home configuration is only a few thousand dollars, the key is that it represents an advanced concept of home.

Intelligence: A new starting point for improving the quality of home improvement

Nowadays, the smart home function is very powerful. It can help you to put a bath water by remote control, and automatically adjust the indoor lighting and music to the best condition to make your bathing life comfortable.

Three years ago, smart home was still a distant and purely imaginative concept in China. Nowadays, China's smart home industry has developed rapidly and penetrated into our lives, digital houses, antibacterial switches, and actinic lighting. Smart switches, smart home systems, these familiar words have always been around, but we did not pay attention.

The technology of intelligent home is currently in China, mainly in the control of lighting, electrical appliances, entertainment equipment and security.

The intelligent home system can control the switching and brightness adjustment of all lamps, and set various scene modes, so that it can easily control the electrical equipment in the home. The most widely used intelligent home is the security function. Some people compare it to the home. Security guard, because it has anti-theft alarm, fire alarm and other functions. In addition, the intelligent home can also act as a family secretary, which can easily message to family members through the digital voice message system, and can also extract family members' voice messages at home or remotely. As the smart home expert describes, “Whether you’re at home, you can remotely control everything in your home by remote control or by phone; and when you’re on a business trip, a series of detectors keeps your home safe, when the gas detector detects gas. Leak, when the infrared detector detects an illegal intruder, the valve controller will immediately close the valve, the alarm will start immediately, and report to the property management center or the number you set." For many consumers, smart home Perhaps it is still far away, but video intercom and anti-theft systems have long been an indispensable part of people's lives, which is actually part of the home intelligence.

There are many things that smart homes can do. In short, smart home systems have the time to enjoy the comfort of life while saving electricity. As Bill Gates said: In the near future, homes without smart home systems will be as unpopular as homes that cannot be accessed today.

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