This year, China will set up national laboratories in ten strategic areas

This year, China will set up national laboratories in ten strategic areas. The Ministry of Science and Technology has officially approved the construction of national laboratories in 10 important areas of China. Among them, the New Energy National Laboratory will be located in Dalian. It is understood that since China ’s first national laboratory pilot in 2000, the Ministry of Science and Technology approved another five pilots in 2003. After demonstration, it has now been confirmed to be a successful model and officially included in the National Medium and Long-Term Science and Technology Development Outline (2006-2020). According to reports, 10 national laboratories that will be launched nationwide in 2007 are guided by major national strategic needs, covering the marine field, aviation field, population health field, nuclear energy field, new energy field, advanced manufacturing field, quantum control, Protein research and agriculture, rail transit and other fields. Mainly led by the Ministry of Education, the National Defense Science and Industry Commission, the Ministry of Health and the Chinese Academy of Sciences, relying on the phased construction of national scientific research institutes and research universities, including the establishment of the "Qingdao Marine Science and Technology National Laboratory" by the Ocean University of China "National Laboratory for Aeronautical Science and Technology", "National Laboratory for Major Disease Prevention" built by the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, "National Laboratory for Magnetically Confined Nuclear Fusion" built by the Hefei Institute of Material Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and "Clean Energy" National Laboratories, Shanghai Jiaotong University, National Marine and Marine Engineering Laboratory, Nanjing University, Microstructure National Laboratory, Institute of Biophysics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, National Protein Protein Laboratory, etc. Later, the laboratory leader and major academic leaders will be recruited globally.

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