Boxed filter cigarette and its packing method

【Patent Name】 Box-type filter cigarette and its packing method 【Applicant】 Zhang Songhua [Inventor] Zhang Songhua [Address of the main applicant] 043304 Shanxi Aluminum Factory Second Guest House, Hejin City, Shanxi Province [Application Number] 03121097.X 【 Applic

An LCD printer capable of printing a pattern on wood

Recently introduced a new pattern printer abroad, compared with the traditional printer, this mouse-only product will certainly cause many consumers' curiosity. The appearance of this product is very similar to that of a mouse. An LCD is added to the surface to display the print pattern. It c

Branding and Packaging in Firework Marketing Communications

With the development of market economy and modern technology, the gap between similar products is gradually shrinking. Each manufacturer uses the brand to create a unique product image in order to promote communication with consumers and achieve sales. In this process, packaging becomes an importa

Disc Printing - Screen Ghosting

"Ghosting" is commonly used to describe the residual image pattern on recycled screens. After recovery, many tiny hardened ink dots and emulsion particles adhere to the wire wall, affecting the ability of the next mesh ink to pass normally. In a bad situation, when the screen plate is re

Glass etching screen printing

Glass etching screen printing For a long time, glass products were etched and decorated by first applying a layer of hot-smeared wax and other reinforcing materials on the surface of the glass as a resist layer, and then using the needles, knives, etc. to etch the pattern on the coating, exposing

Pof environmental protection shrink film

Pof environmental protection shrink film is an excellent and easy to apply multilayer film, its special superior performance has been widely used in Europe and the United States advanced countries, adapted to l-type sealing machine, automatic and high-speed automatic sealing machine. Main feature

Product packaging

Product packaging usually refers to the container or package that holds and protects the product, and specifically refers to the product's container and external dressing. In modern marketing, product packaging has received universal attention, mainly due to the increasing function and role of

Quantitative color

For RGB color images, Photoshop assigns a pixel density value of 0 (black) to 255 (white) for each component in RGB. For example, in a bright red, it is possible that the value of R is 246, the value of G is 20, and the value of B is 50. When the values ​​of these three components ar

Prinergy articles in Chinese text tags in Preps

With the update of Preps, the latest version is 5.2 Build193, the file preview speed has been greatly improved, and some errors in the PS file preview have been resolved. It is recommended that you update. The question of the Chinese mark in Preps has been discussed from time to time. The specifi