Some Basic Knowledge About Printing Layout (1)

Layout is the basic form of news and publication information, the image and thought of news publication, and the language of news publication. The use of advanced typesetting tools for the components of the application layout and artistic and creative layout are the basics for news publications to

Special Printing: Hot Stamping and Quality Control

With the improvement of the national economy and the development of the printing and packaging industry, people demand the packaging of products: high-end, exquisite, environmentally friendly, and personalized. In the post-press processing of packaging products, the electro-aluminum hot stamping p

How to Select Halftone Dot Shape Correctly in Screen Printing

In halftone image reproduction, the dot shape has a great influence on the print reproduction results. It is always the focus of people’s debates as to which shape of dot is adopted to help reduce dot gains and avoid moiré. For a long time, in the field of screen printing, people usually

Application of pearlescent in flexographic printing

With technological innovations, flexo-printed products are printed from carton boxes and gradually developed into fine-patterned product packaging. Pearlescent color is a wonderful part of the printing effect and is often favored by customers. Now through the continuous efforts of the technical st

Ties packing machine

【Patent Name】 Zhaga Packaging Machine 【Applicant】 Strabaker Co., Ltd. [Inventor] Shigeo Shigezaki, Toshio Kinichi, Aizawa Masaru, Tsuru Saburo, Principal Applicant, Tokyo, Japan 【Application Number】 ) 03110797.4 【 Application Date 】 2003.03.06

The key to the newspaper application CTP

The newspaper's production line is very long. From the reporter's interview to the newspaper's breakfast table at the subscriber's breakfast table, there is another link in one link. If there is a delay in the scheduled time, the daily newspaper will be delayed, even in some remote

SMT solder paste printing technology guide (below)

Separate printing High density stencil printing Interstitial printing is used in high-density stencil printing or screen printing. The gap value setting refers to the distance from the template/web to the surface of the printed substrate before the doctor blade contacts the template/screen in th