Precise extrusion control reduces raw material consumption

Magequi recently developed a simple and inexpensive extension product using LineMasterTM technology, called LineMaster AC. This product, combined with the precision weighing of Maguire® Weigh Scale Blender, can be used in the standard LineMaster system to provide super-precise feedback of raw m

Solvent-free composite film adhesive

performance: Domestic and international attention to environmental pollution is very important. The use of solvent-free polyurethane adhesives for composite films can completely solve the problem of solvent-induced pollution. In 1974, German company Henbet first used a solvent-free polyurethane a

Product Packaging Planning (on)

First, the role of product packaging Product packaging has two meanings. The first refers to the container and external packaging of the product, that is, the packaging equipment; the second refers to the operation process of the packaging product, that is, the packaging method. In actual work, t

Coating and calendering effects

The calender is the last step in the production of coated paperboards. The calendering improves the smoothness of the paper by increasing the average gloss. At the same time, the distribution of surface porosity and gloss of the coated paper is also improved. However, the high distribution of thes

Aluminium Hot Stamping Equipment and Process Introduction

With the continuous development of socialist spiritual civilization and material civilization, people's requirements for the quality of printed matter have also been continuously improved. In particular, higher demands have been placed on trademarks and packaging and decoration, that is, not o

Toner Effect on Toner Cartridges and Printers

1. The toner with poor quality may cause agglomeration when used for a long time in a humid and temperature-changing environment. During use, the components of the toner cartridge may be damaged, which may affect the image quality. It will shorten the life of the toner cartridge. 2, the printer t

Printing tinplate ink and printing fault processing (on)

Tinplate printing is also the use of the physical properties of water and ink repulsion. With the help of printing pressure, the printing plate graphic is transferred to the tinplate by the blanket, which belongs to the principle of lithographic offset printing. Due to the special physicochemical

VIBA launches polystyrene antistatic agent

Ink href="/common/shared/ctl/displayeditorial.css" type=text/css rel=stylesheet> Today, polystyrene is used more and more widely. Because polystyrene is a colorless, odorless thermoplastic resin, the surface of its products has a high gloss. In fact, polystyrene has many excellent pr