PCB ink characteristics and use

Various types of inks used in printed circuit boards have a lot of properties, of which the importance is the viscosity, thixotropy and fineness of the ink. These physical properties need to be known to improve the ability to use inks. one. Ink characteristics 1. Viscosity and thixotropy In the

Offset four-color chromatography printing ink requirements

Improve the printing quality of offset printing products, in addition to high-quality paper, PS plate and other raw materials, accurate color reproduction of four-color color separation, non-color rendering, plate-making personnel to master the correct version of the PS plate exposure time, develo

Wear new clothes for hose products

Advantages of hose labeling: As more and more plastic hoses are used in daily chemical and other related industries, how to identify product information on hoses with beautiful appearance and low price becomes a matter of great concern for daily chemical companies. In the past, companies in dail

Content of CIP4 specification

1. Content of the CIP3 PPF Specification (version 3.0 Jun-1998) PPF is an extended format of the architecture in the Postscript format and supports Unicode. The traditional Postscript RIP does not fully interpret the CIP 3 format because it ignores parts that were not originally part of Postscrip

Contour map production method [Photos]

First, the preparation Hardware: A Pentium IV-class computer with no less than 512M of memory and no less than 10G of hard disk space software: * FlashGet 1.65 or higher for downloading huge data files * Global Mapper 6.07 or later for compositing data and generating contour lines * Photoshop 6

JET UV CTP System: Making Direct Platemaking Less Expensive

The JET UV CTP system launched by Beijing Huali Zhicheng Technology Co., Ltd. is an inkjet CTP direct plate making system. Users only need to send image files through the JET UV server to the JET UV CTP 7400/9400 system. After the printing plate is developed, it can be printed on the machine. The

Textile color screen printing technology (below)

Textile color screen printing ink In principle, all inks can be used in textiles for spot color screen printing. Even water-based adhesives can be printed if they are large enough.  1. Water slurry spot printing. The use of water-serigraphed spot color dot patterns, generally only pr

Omet Launches Flexy 330 Eight-Color Label Flexo Press

Omet's Flexy330 eight-color flexographic printing press made its debut at the All In Print Show to show domestic label printing customers this "high-precision, low-loss" flexographic printing machine designed specifically for the label printing market. It can print plastic films as t

Ultra light powder automatic packaging system come out

Yangzhou City Innovation Packaging Co., Ltd. invented the patented technology of the pumping device for the pumping machinery. Recently, it passed the scientific and technological achievements appraisal organized by the Science and Technology Department of Jiangsu Province. The packaging system so