The use of pearl ink (2)

Ink preparation According to different printing materials and gloss requirements, pearlescent pigment concentration is between 8~15%: First, pre-wetting: very critical, related to pearl powder dispersion and test printing performance, must be strictly in accordance with the following procedures:

Komron introduces KV1900 universal inverter

KV1900 series universal frequency converter has reached the domestic leading technology level. The series inverter is based on the advanced dual MCU software control mode, adopts magnetic flux vector modulation technology and advanced control algorithm, and realizes optimal PWM control. It can pro

The basic concepts of commonly used graphic design

First, the basic concept (A), graphic design Graphic design is to combine different basic graphics, according to certain rules combined into a pattern on the plane. The boundary between the map and the ground is divided by the outline within the scope of the second dimension, and the image is dep

Corrugated board

1 Scope This standard specifies the method of determining the burst strength of corrugated cardboard by the hydraulic increase method. This standard applies to corrugated board with a bursting resistance of 350 to 5500 kPa. 2, reference standards The provisions contained in the following stand

Smart Label Features and Printing

Traditional bar code labels are widely used in various industries due to their convenient and fast features and certain anti-counterfeiting functions. However, with the higher and more complete information needs of people in many aspects such as the production, storage and transportation, quality

The most convenient baby milk packaging

The packaging of Niulan milk for infants and young children received the highest gold medal at the 2005 Star Packing Award Ceremony. It has shown excellent and complete functions in the design of materials, Sikacan technology and blue-and-white fish brand. The judges were particularly impressed b

Prepress production output notes

· Fonts used in the file (especially PAGEMAKER can not turn curves), confirm whether the output center, or need to carry. • Check whether the color mode is CMYK mode when storing graphics. • Check the link file before exporting, and change the link information in time if any chang

Optical Imaging Resistant Plating Resistant Ink Selection (I)

Photo-imaging etching resisting plating ink (hereinafter referred to as wet film) is a new type of anti-corrosion and anti-electroplating masking material for circuit board manufacturing that appeared in the early 1990s. At that time, the technical leaders and departments of the former Ministry of

More exquisite carton packaging

In the past, exquisite packaging was used only in the cosmetics industry. Now, every single industry, from candy to medicine to personal care products, is using new materials and new printing technologies to achieve product shelf differentiation. UFOs Intense Chewable candy flip lid carton packag

Spill-free children's organic whole fat lactic acid milk

Ralph foods are familiar with organic milk products that are delicious and contain natural health ingredients. Ralph Foods has already started production of Pyrobogos, the main application of which is full-fat organic milk for children aged 2-9 years old. Pyrobogos packaging is a patented spill-fr