New high-performance polyethylene for blown film

Nova Chemicals Corporation has introduced a new high-performance polyethylene: SURPASS Ps016C, which is mainly used in the field of blown film. This resin has very good processing properties, and the high melt strength can guarantee the stability of foaming and the hardness of the film. The film p

Sytec VP - New Crosslinked Polyolefin Shrink Film

Sytec VP is a new crosslinked polyolefin shrink film that is produced in a process that allows it to shrink quickly and uniformly at lower temperatures. Approved for use in food contact, as well as other non-food applications, for wrapping soft items such as paper products and heat-sensitive produ

Easy to handle laser print quality problems

1 exposed track line The most likely is no toner. Remove the toner cartridge, shake it slightly to the right, and then put it into the printer. If the printing effect is obviously improved, it means that there is not much toner in the cartridge. If you confirm that the toner is full, there will b

Analysis of Rigid Flexible PCB Manufacturing Process (1)

I. Introduction: As a special interconnection technology, a flex-rigid multilayer printed board can reduce the assembly size and weight of electronic products, avoid connection errors, realize three-dimensional assembly under different assembly conditions, and have The characteristics of lightnes

Packaging Design: Modern and Traditional Without Borders

Traditional culture is the fruit of civilization that has accumulated in various aspects such as production and life in the long historical period of mankind. It is also the crystallization of existing human wisdom. It is the inheritance and development of previous people’s knowledge and sk

A case of troubleshooting ghost prints

Newly purchased a PZ-41020B four-color offset printing press. After the machine is in place, ghosting occurs during the trial printing stage. After repeated debugging, it has been difficult to effectively solve. Symptoms: After analyzing the printed matter, it was found that the phenomenon of gho

New oxygen absorber

The "FresPax" oxygen absorbent product is a patented product developed by MuhisorbTeetmology. It absorbs oxygen in the food in the package and keeps it below 0.01%. The oxygen absorber can be used for the use of many packaging materials including ethylene, vinyl chloride alcohol, polyvin