The difference between flocking and fleece fabrics

With the rapid development of electronics, fibers, chemicals, machinery and other industries, the quality of flocking fabrics has been continuously improved, and its use has been expanding. From the original industrial cloth, decorative cloth gradually developed into the field of clothing cloth. I

Low-carbon household items color matching Feng Shui

Chinese people like red, and they feel very happy. In the home orientation, the red is good for the East. The East symbolizes the spirit of youth and adventurousness. Therefore, some red ornaments or furniture should be placed in the east of the home. For example, placing wooden ornaments and red c

5 practical tips for vinegar

Vinegar is a must-have condiment in the kitchen. It can make the dish delicious and have a lot of benefits for the human body. But you may not know that there are many wonderful things in life that you don't know. Let's take a look! First, vinegar shampoo: hair is more supple Vinegar make

Digital printing process special attention

(1) Digital printing is being registered with a 3mm error, so in the production of the document, 3mm bleeding is reserved as in traditional printing, so that the trimmed finished product will not have white edges. At the same time, in order not to cut the text but also for the beauty of the layout

3 kinds of paintings for unconventional eyeliners

Black is exactly the same color as our eyes. Black eyeliner will make our eyes bigger, and black will never fade from the fashion circle, whether it is beauty or fashion. On the fall/winter 2011 show, sexy blacks appear in a variety of ways, feminine, sexy, and even cold! 1, imperfect eyeliner On

Different interpretations of plastic bottle caps

1. Applications (General materials in parentheses): Aseptic cold filling cap (PE), hot filling cap (PE), normal temperature without internal pressure (water) cap (PE) and steam cap (PP) 2 from the structure of the inner plug type and gasket type, as well as sealing pad is a plastic cap. 3 Separat