Taisheng Yu Xida: Strive to achieve clear price

The furniture industry is an industry that will not disappear [Reporter]: Mr. Yu, hello. Please summarize the market situation last year. Everyone is talking about cold. What kind of specific feelings does Taisheng have? [Yu Xida]: The ups and downs of the market are a cycle, but the changes in t

UV light source selection and equipment application

The lighting process of the arc discharge lamp is connected to the transformer circuit, and the transformer output is open circuit, generating an electric field at both ends of the lamp. Under the action of the electric field, the positive electrode of the electrode emits electrons, and the inert

Simple classic decoration model room

Page 1: Simple and classic decoration model room Page 2: Simple and classic decoration model room Kids & Youths Helmets   Kids and youths Cycle Helmets are designed to be light, comfortable and allow for growth, they are specifically designed with this in mind to ensure

Analysis of Adhesion of Film Adhesive UV Ink

In the market of self-adhesive label materials, the biggest difference between thin-film self-adhesive materials and paper is that the surface is not absorbent. At present, most printing companies use UV inks on thin-film self-adhesive labels. To print, because the UV ink printing can use UV dryin

8 mistakes often made by skin care people

Many MMs collect maintenance knowledge from various channels, but Xiaobian wants to ask, is your tactics at the level of the person really effective? MM have the perseverance of seeking beauty, but don't blindly seek beauty! Be wary of the mistakes that skin care people often make, be careful a