Ikalu poetry is king, expanding

--Ikalu poetry and strong cooperation with Tesco in South China

According to reports: Since the introduction of China's Ikalu poetry makeup in China, it has been loved by consumers and developed very rapidly. With its clear brand positioning and excellent market operation, Ikalu Shi has been stationed in many department stores in China and has set up a number of specialty store counters. Recently, Ikalu Shi has expanded greatly and cooperated with Tesco supermarkets in South China, attracting the attention of other competitive brands in the industry. According to the high-level of Ikalu Shi, Ikalu has already had successful cooperation experience with international hypermarkets (such as Carrefour, friends, Dafuyuan and other large supermarkets). I believe that this cooperation with Tesco in South China will be quite successful. In cooperation with Tesco, the company will continue to adopt counter sales methods to enhance its brand image and increase sales points. At the same time, it will launch a series of terminal promotion activities to create a sales atmosphere and stimulate female consumers' desire to purchase. Strengthen the affinity of the brand.

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