A beautiful blueprint depicting the next decade of hardware furniture

For the national furniture manufacturing enterprises, the furniture industry gives the impression that the brand is miscellaneous, the product grade is chaotic, the quality technology is varied, the scale of the enterprise is small, the industry is not standardized, and a considerable part of the local furniture enterprises are still in the workshop production and family. The status quo of operations, corporate culture unconsciousness, talent management, and industry communication and cooperation surface, not to mention the ability to resist risks and the governance of industrial structure. Affected by the economic system and policies, the problems of private enterprises themselves are mainly characterized by low industrial structure, small scale of enterprises, weak ability to resist risks, unreasonable property rights structure and governance structure, lack of corporate culture and serious brain drain.

The new trend of the industry in the era of synthesis is highlighted, and the development trend of hardware furniture enterprises in the next decade will present some new trends. We have found that the competition in the furniture industry is also changing. With the improvement of the external environment and the continuous improvement of the overall quality of the company, the furniture industry will usher in a higher level of development. The development trend of hardware furniture enterprises in the next decade will show some new trends. As the development experience of enterprises continues to increase, low-end furniture enterprises begin to pay attention to quality and corporate culture. Some enterprises have begun to pay attention to industry cooperation and communication, and the competition among enterprises has not only stayed. At the level of the price war, we are also looking for breakthroughs, tapping and expanding the comprehensive strength of the brand, and entering the subdivision from all levels.

With the support of a group of leading enterprises and the support of related supporting, the industrial agglomeration will gradually deepen, and the specialized and large-scale modern industrial cluster will form a unique competitiveness and influence. The high-end industry, this year everyone said that business is not good, the market competition is fierce, the furniture industry has a wide variety of categories, product homogeneity is more and more obvious; the competition mechanism is imperfect, and urges enterprises to focus on R&D, marketing and customer service. .

The systems and standards that are subject to low-carbon policies are not perfect, and some enterprises will remain stuck in the past development methods. In the past decade, the extensive and energy-intensive enterprises in the furniture industry, driven by the national low-carbon policy, are inevitably going to lower the carbonization and shift to cleaner production.

International opportunities allow Chinese furniture companies to go global, strengthen integration and integration with the international market, and improve the level of international business operations. With the scale of enterprises, with the national policy focusing on consumption to promote economic development, the pace of urban-rural integration is accelerating, and the capital market is constantly maturing, a group of strategic furniture enterprises will expand production and choose to go public, realize economies of scale, and strengthen their capital strength.

Establishing the corporate culture of public opinion and the more standardized technical structure of the industry, through the distribution of equity, the introduction of sub-professional managers, the governance structure is standardized, the small-scale, family-run furniture enterprises are affected by social development, forcing them to manage in the way of enterprise management. Changes have taken place, forming a corporate governance structure that combines the centralized and decentralized functions.

Cooperation and development, and win-win cooperation will promote the industry's closer cooperation and win-win situation. The industry cooperation win-win, the deep exchanges and dialogues between the industries will be further expanded. The development of an industry is just like the development of a company, and the division of labor is fine, so the industrial development of each sector will be deeper and more detailed.

Under the encouragement and supervision of public opinion, furniture enterprises enhance their civic awareness, internalize social responsibility into corporate values, combine development strategies with social responsibility, and promote higher-level development of enterprises. Social responsibility, as China moves from national strength to wealth, the furniture company that is most intimately connected with people's livelihood will assume more social responsibilities, raise the salary and welfare level of employees, and participate in the construction of social welfare undertakings.

The private economy has played a vital role in developing and prospering the national economy, solving employment problems, and advancing the country's modernization process. While seeing the rapid development of the private economy, we find that this economic development is basically based on resource consumption and labor-intensive development models. In the first decade of the 21st century, China’s private economy has developed rapidly and has made tremendous contributions to the country. The private economy has already occupied half of the country and has accounted for more than 80% in some areas.

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