Master eyeliner to show your winking

Many MM eye makeups like to draw eyeliner, because the eyeliner can enlarge the eyes, make the eyes look deeper, and can show a person's temperament, but there are many kinds of eyeliner painting, how to choose, Today, Xiaobian comes to teach you how to draw the eyeliner .

Black eyeliner

Black eyeliner

The black eyeliner is the most frequently used tool in eye makeup, and the versatile color tone lengthens the super-magnifying effect, which makes many MMs have a soft spot for it. Just change the way you paint it, you can make your eyes look completely different. Usually, professional makeup artists recommend mixing eyeliner and eyeliner, so that the eye makeup effect will be more delicate and delicate. The eyeliner is easier to shape than the eyeliner. It has a good ductility and is soft. Therefore, it can be used to outline the outline of the eye first, but the makeup is rough. Use the delicate eyeliner to add the inner eyeliner. The lines of the eyes become clear and smooth, and the eyes become deeper. You can also directly attach the eyelash root to the first painted eye line to see the specific effect you need.

Step1: Use the eyeliner to stick to the outline of the upper and lower eyelashes. The lines on the head are slightly thinner. Draw a line about two millimeters wide from the center of the eye. Pay attention to fill the triangle area with the end of the eye.

Step2: Draw a thin inner eyeliner in the lower eyelid, which can be easily manipulated by pulling the lower eyelid with your fingers and slightly opening the eyelid.

Step3: Dip an appropriate amount of eyeliner with an eyeliner brush to emphasize the eyeliner at the end of the eye, and extend it outwardly to enhance the horizontal length of the eye.

Color eyeliner

Color eyeliner

If you are tired of a single black eyeliner, try the most popular color eyeliner this summer. You can create a bright summer atmosphere with different costumes to bring you a relaxed and happy mood. The combination is very important, let's take a look at the specific steps.

Step1: Use a three-stage technique to divide the eye shadow into three parts. Use a blue eyeliner to gently apply it to the middle of the lower eyelid.

Step2: Then use the green eyeliner to fill the position of the eye and the end of the eye, highlighting the change of the eyeliner, which will make the eye makeup look more layered.

Step3: Finally, the blue-violet eyeshadow of the same color is smudged on the top of the eyelid, which echoes the eyeliner. The range of attention does not need to be too large, slightly beyond the double eyelid folds.

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