Classic cosmetics are not to be missed!

Make-up has gradually become a kind of social etiquette. A basic makeup is a respect for others, and it can make you look good. The quality of cosmetics is also good and bad. Everyone prefers to use brand cosmetics , especially foreign brand cosmetics, but the domestic cosmetics tax is too high, and some brands are difficult to purchase in China. If you have the opportunity to go to Hong Kong, you may wish to go to the counter or chain store to see the models I recommend, I believe you will fall in love.

Fashion designer Crossover

Classic cosmetics

Fashion, makeup is a combination, there is no good makeup without good makeup; similarly, there are good makeup but no good fashion, so it is reasonable to find a fashion designer to design the packaging. Last year, Guerlain and Emilio Pucci teamed up to launch the limited edition makeup collection Guerlain?by?Emilio?Pucci. These make-up products perfectly reproduce the distinctive style of Pucci, make-up products and elegant printing and dyeing cosmetic bags, which have become Pucci's A collection of fans and Guerlain lovers.

In addition to women, men have also launched the Dior Homme men's skincare collection designed by Dior Homme's former designer Hedi Slimane. The simple, line-like design has the same concept as the brand's fashion design. Recently, in foreign magazines, Lancome has found Christopher Kane's packaging design for the brand's Juicy Tubes lip gloss, but it has not been bought in Hong Kong and China, and may be a little later.

A basic makeup is a kind of courtesy and a respect for others. Healthy nude makeup makes you look better. The quality of cosmetics is of course an important issue, but its packaging cannot be ignored. Both European and American brands have begun to focus on packaging, and the degree of exquisiteness has made women love it. Some brands even find fashion designers, illustrators and art masters to play on the packaging. However, domestic cosmetics taxes are too high, and some brands are difficult to purchase in China. If you have the opportunity to go to Hong Kong, you may wish to go to the counter or chain store to see the models I recommend, I believe you will fall in love.

Fall in love with the illustrator's painting

Classic cosmetics

The Jelly Pong Pong brand can be found in the Imperial Fort in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong. As an Italian brand, its packaging has always been the favorite color and pattern of girls. Recently, Japanese illustrator Mari Kubota designed the Dainty Doll series, Kubota. The style of painting is full of young girls' feelings, and at the same time, the taste of retro is more in the inside, and the clothes that the girls she wears are very fashion. I can say that ten girls will see ten girls will fall in love.

In addition, Tann Rokka Kisu brand found illustrator Natasha Law (Jude Law's sister) to design the brand of Body Oil bottle, she likes to draw characters with simple lines, crossover in London with many magazines, brands, The product has been sold out as soon as it is launched. The MAC brand also collaborated with French graffiti master Fati to launch the Fafinettes collection, a few cute doll portraits, full of color, and a very summer feel.

In addition to the transplanter, the concept of some brands is very unique. The brand of Benefit, I remember that it was Lafayit abroad for the first time. I saw it at first sight. The degree of attraction of the package made me fall in love with it. After that, I became a big fan of it. Now I have sold it in Hong Kong and China. It is really good news. I am using their blush, the box in the box, the bra on the box. Patterns, their packaging is retro nostalgic concept, sometimes more humorous.

Artists invade the beauty industry

Classic cosmetics

DKNY Be Delicious cooperated with the new artist Yoon Lee for the first time in the Be Delicious fragrance bottle. Yoon Lee's work revolves around the speed itself and the evolution of the urban environment. Its “landscape” explores action and energy. The interaction with urban renewal is exactly what happens with DKNY's brand philosophy, which is always close to the urban fashion trend.

In addition, Lancome also collaborates with contemporary British artist Julie Verhoeven, a famous painter, graphic designer and fashion designer. Many of her works pay tribute to legendary rock stars, including Elvis Presley, David Bowie and Diana Ross. This time, she designed for Juicy Tubes Tunes. She hopes that her design reflects luxury and boldness. Her design No. 95 “Marshmallow Electro” projects a world of pleasure and avant-garde. It is marked by a fashionable urban girl, purple. Fans of hair, makeup and music.

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