YSL summer new makeup art visual enjoyment

This summer, YSL women will show her unique charm and show her ultimate character. YSL summer new makeup, using a mysterious, mastery of bold color contrast art, giving people the enjoyment of art.

YSL Summer New Makeup

YSL Summer New Makeup

It is like a kind of magic, she interprets the temptation of eternal power like a feminine play of feminine and masculine, energetic, pure and elegant.

For her, YSL created a new summer 2011 makeup with a strong contrast. Under the rigorous lines and timeless black shape, the delicate folds and pineapple grid are mixed. Reduced cuts, long knots or ribbon bows, more gorgeous in detail.

Apply this inspiration to YSL's make-up, using the same style and using the same delicate ingredients.

Under the violet light, the pure complexion perfectly shows the pure femininity of women. Charming eyes and seductive red lips, against the boy's neat, smooth short hair and black patent leather jacket, contradictory yet deadly temptation.

YSL Summer New Makeup

YSL Summer New Makeup

Color, deductive contrast effect, decorate the eyes with two-color illusion eyeshadow.

The sense of sculptural, inspired by the "Years" collection of the early YSL styling fashion retro makeup box for skin color and eyes.

Bright, radiant complexion, glamorous eyes, well-defined lips, and a confident attitude. YSL evokes a imaginative wind triggered by the ultimate feminine beauty – with a little masculine magic.

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