Six compact masks create a delicate face

People's faces have their own destiny. But you haven't noticed, sometimes your big pie face is just because the meat is slack and not really big! Want to make your face small and delicate? Some of these tips can make your face look smaller, just like the magical makeup technique, the effect is even more durable, that is to choose an effective firming mask, through the lifting and tightening way Muscle tightening to create a delicate face on the basis of no meat reduction! Take a look at the editor's heart recommendation!

Six firming masks to create a delicate face

Estee Lauder Platinum Full Firming Mask

Product introduction: Super firming and de-swelling effect (completed half-face test, yin and yang face is very obvious), and surprising hydrating effect. Highly concentrated, instantly hydrates, firmes, fades fine lines, evens skin tone It can be used as a first-aid after-night, high-end single-rate products that are often out of stock in autumn and winter. It can also be used as a massage cream.

Six firming masks to create a delicate face

Elizabeth Arden Space Soothing Six Peptide Firming Mask

Product Description: This anti-aging mask contains 6 times concentrated Argireline hexapeptide (compared to SPF30), combined with Fissione-Y top yeast extract and Arden Ceramide Triple Complex, short Ten minutes, the skin feels lifted and firmed, and the fine lines of the dry lines are obviously lightened, returning to the smooth and moist youthful brilliance.

Six firming masks to create a delicate face

Paris L'Oreal Rejuvenation Fit Lifting Stretch Mask

Product introduction: As the first elastic mask with firming and lifting effect, it adopts a new generation of elastic elastic fabric, which is soft to the touch, has good elasticity and ductility, and can stretch and accurately fit the entire face. Its tailoring is also more suitable for Asian faces. Perfect fit to allow active ingredients to penetrate the skin.

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