5 Biggest Crazy Fitness Trends

There are always different trends in different times, and fitness is no exception. In this new era of innovation, many new forms of fitness have emerged, many of which can even be described as “crazy”. Some of the fitness methods that the average person in the past could not possibly imagine, but now, more and more people are beginning to try these sports.

Nude fitness

People are born naked, and studies have shown that nude fitness is better than wearing clothes, especially for better weight loss. At present, the main places for nude fitness are at home, in specific fitness venues and even in front of fitness instructors. Nude yoga, nude pilates and other sports have come into being. In addition, there are even people exposed outdoors boldly exercise - such as celestial skiing, celestial drifting and celestial cycling. Naked athletes believe that naked exercise is not only a return to natural exercise, but also can release inner taboos and experience a true spirit of freedom.

2. Anti-Newtonian Fitness

Inverted, vacated, and weightless, many people exercise through weightlessness, or do yoga. Using the “weightless hammock” that is now very popular in foreign countries, you can do gymnastics exercises in the air without fear of hurting your joints. These movements can help exercisers gain more flexibility. With the help of this device, you can do as much as you can to dance, pilates or yoga that the average person may not have done in the past.

3. Karaoke Fitness

Karaoke used to be just an entertainment activity, but now, singing K can also be a fitness exercise. Among them, one of the most famous sing K fitness is the sideline fitness bike while singing. In this way, it can speed up breathing and increase calorie consumption. Studies have found that karaoke can relax the body's "spiritual muscles," while exercising your thighs and lower legs, in addition, it can also increase lung capacity.

4. Pole dance

In the past, pole dancing was positioned as an erotic show in our country. However, as the world changes, nowadays even in China, pole dancing has become a fashionable fashion fitness method. The pole dancing actually has a very effective exercise effect, which makes the upper body muscles more compact and slim, and also makes the lower body more flexible. In addition, dancing with the rhythm on the steel tube, but also exercise physical rhythm and flexibility, also have a boost in personal confidence.

5. New Hula Hoop

Hula Hoop is a quite "old" movement that was fashionable in the 1980s and 1990s. It once disappeared. However, it is also known as the fitness trend. Hula Hoop is considered as a project that can thin waist and keep him slim. . Today, hula hoops have got rid of the previous image and began to update. The hula hoop is significantly "fat" than before, ranging from 50 centimeters to 120 centimeters in diameter, and much heavier than in the past. The shape of the hula hoop has also changed. It is no longer limited to a smooth circular shape. There is a new type of ups and downs of waves, and seven hula hoop balls that can be massaged are placed in the hula hoop. There is even a "water wave circle" that adds water.

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