Transformed charming little woman makes people fascinated

Everyone has different opinions on beauty, but there is no way to resist anyone who is a little playful and sexy! We are not only pleasing to ourselves, but also more pleasing to our own! Let's learn to transform into a charming little woman, which makes people fascinated.

Transformed charming little woman

Warm and natural feminine eye makeup

If you have seen the show in the spring and summer of 2011, you must have discovered how red the purple eye makeup is in 2011: whether it is sweet and lively gouache, or romantic warm purple, you will win the designer. The stylist's favorite. In fact, it is very simple, as long as it is used in the most common color eyeshadow, plus a layer of purple smoke, this warm and natural eye makeup is completed.

Healthy ruddy cheeks

Dark blush for a healthy complexion! In fact, I have always kept a reservation for the blush with a slightly darker color: I always think that the oriental skin is yellowish, or pink or pink orange can be used to whiten the skin. But when I saw this cute photo, my concerns were all undone: the rosy cheeks revealed the health of a walk from the outdoors, plus a little naughty cute!