Water roller tips

The waterway is responsible for supplying the water needed for printing ink balance to the printing plate. The less water the better, the less influence this structure has on its subsequent processes. However, when water is too small, the balance between water and ink is difficult to control. This is to require it to be in a good working condition. The following analysis of the maintenance of the water chamber through the water supply chain diagram:

Pelton → water roller → water roller → water roller → water roller → printing plate → print sheet

The bucket is used for fountain solution. Since the fountain solution is acidic, the bucket should be acid. Before working hours, the fountain solution in the bucket should be cleaned. Otherwise, the acid solution in the bucket becomes more and more concentrated due to the evaporation of water, and the corrosion effect becomes stronger and stronger. The water inside the bucket should not be too high, otherwise the fountain roller may throw out the fountain solution when working. In addition, it should also be noted that after the bucket is working for a long time, corrosion may occur due to acid. Therefore, the degree of corrosion should be checked regularly. If it is damaged, the fountain solution may splash on the roller and the surface of the cylinder may rust. From the point of view of the protective hopper, the closer the pH is to 7 the better.

The fountain roller is used to control the amount of water supply, and its surface should be resistant to acid, oil, and water; in addition, the surface should be clean. If the coating on the roller surface is damaged, it will affect the amount of water supply; so if it is damaged, it should be replaced. If there is something like ink or oiliness on the surface, wipe it off in time, otherwise it will affect the stability of the water supply.

The role of the water transfer roller is to transfer the water on the roller roller to the rate roller. If the force is uniform on both sides, this can ensure the stable transmission of fountain solution. The surface of the water glue should be uniform, there can not be velvet in some places, some places do not. If this happens, it should be replaced promptly. The surface of the water velvet should be kept clean, and any dirt should be promptly removed and cleaned daily.

The role of the skewer roll is to apply a fountain solution in both the circumferential and axial directions. The requirements for the surface of the string water roll are the same as the bucket roll.

The role of the water roller is to supply the fountain solution directly to the surface of the printing plate. The quality of its work directly affects the quality of printed products. It is more stringent than the transfer roller. The other is that the pressure between the plate and the plate should be strictly controlled. If it is too large, the impact will be easily formed. If it is too small, it may affect the amount of water discharged.

Non-Chinese part of the surface of the printing plate should have good water absorption, and the graphic part should be water-repellent. However, due to the abrasion of the surface of the printing plate during printing, the hydrophilicity may be damaged. Therefore, the pressure between the ink roller and the printing plate, the pressure between the rubber and the printing plate must be strictly controlled. Also pay attention to the protection of printed body.

The blanket itself should repel water, but it will always turn some of the water on the plate to the paper. For the blanket, the poorer the water absorption of the surface, the better the ink absorption. If this feature is damaged, you need to replace the blanket.

Sheets are the end of the waterway. From a printed sheet point of view, the smaller the water, the smaller the expansion. In general, the expansion coefficient of offset paper is large and the amount of water should be reduced. The coated paper is resistant to swelling and its water volume can be relaxed and controlled. The function of the ink path is to supply the ink continuously, stably and evenly to the printing plate, and thus its requirements are particularly high. The following uses the ink road drive key map to analyze the ink road maintenance should pay attention to matters:

Ink roller and ink fountain → Ink roller → Level single roller → Uniform ink and heavy roller → Main roller → Uniform roller and heavy roller → Last ink roller → Ink roller → Rubber → Paper.

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