2011 cosmetics recommended to create sexy beauty

Summer is coming, cosmetics should be changed, then, what kind of cosmetics to choose, how to keep up with the trend of the trend, in this steaming season, you can be very sexy, can be very sweet, but also very rock, Pink cosmetics can help you! Here are a few recommended cosmetics for you, which can help you become a sexy beauty.

Chanel bright glamour lipstick

2011 cosmetics recommended

Price: RMB 285

#80 Delicieuse (Dragonfly): The enthusiasm and radiance of amber brown red, the interpretation of the charm of the charm.

Guerlain Meteor Powder

2011 cosmetics recommended

Price: RMB 1290/8g

With a new formula, the first color tones and a new design of the compact. The highly acclaimed product of Symphony Meteor has once again caused a revolution in the powder world. The Magic Meteor brings the art of tonal blending into a unique powder box, giving the skin the purest glow. This is a promise of sparkling and light, feminine and radiant, extremely transparent and infinite luxury.

Opel Lame's live eyeball powder

2011 cosmetics recommended

Price: RMB 200/7g

At the moment of smearing, the skin is dull and the makeup is moisturized. Improve the makeup of the basic make-up, and be able to express the beautiful and dynamic skin with dynamic and vitality.

Gently sweep on the back of the hand to remove excess powder and swipe the beads over the entire face.

MAC charm paint color powder lip makeup

2011 cosmetics recommended

Price: RMB 350

MAC's holiday series this year is about magic, joy and mischief. Unexpected dates, casual parties, or intimate nights in a two-person world... a variety of small suits to help you build. MAC Charm Paint Color Pink Lip Makeup Group helps you create a pink and pleasing lip makeup, driving away the bleakness of winter and decorating the joy of the holiday.

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