Go into the color world of makeup and light up your happy face

Pairs of rings, dresses, and pairs are the sweet markers of your wedding. So how can the makeup be single color? We take you into the color world of makeup and light up your happy face.

Blueberry Kiss Purple + Powder

Into the color world of makeup

White sour cream and juicy blueberry sauce are mixed into a lover's taste. In such a day, just a kiss can turn dreams into reality.


1. Want to make your lips full and sleek, choose two kinds of lipstick or lip gloss, apply the deeper color to the entire lip, and then use the lighter lip gloss to point in the center of the lip, the stereo effect can be displayed.

2. The biting lip makeup, which is very popular nowadays, is also expressed in two colors, but the opposite is to draw the deep color in the center of the lip. This method is also very suitable for brides who want to make their lips smaller.

3. Or you can try a mix of different textures. For example, first apply a bright lipstick on the lips, and then cover the lip gloss with different transparency. You will be surprised to find that the two colors will have different effects after being covered.

Lake light water shadow blue + green

The blue lake reflects the shadow of the trees, and in the intertwined colors, it changes into a rich imagination. It is also quiet and comfortable, and through the eyes, it conveys the beauty of the glass.


1. The safest option is to use the different colors of the same color (such as brown plus beige, pink plus purple, yellow plus green) or the different shades of the same color to express the contours of the eye.

2. Two-tone eyeshadow of different textures is also a good bride choice. Use a matte texture eye shadow to increase eye color, and then use pearlescent eyeshadow to brighten your eyes at the center of the eyelids, inside the corners of the eyes or at the brow bones.

3. The perfect contrast color is used for the bride who is most suitable for personality. You can use the two colors in the upper and lower eyelids, or the partitions on the upper eyelids to bring a visual sense of jumping.

Rising Sun Warm Red + Yellow

Into the color world of makeup

The warm and welcoming color mix makes people feel the urge to embrace the sun. The perfect transition between red and yellow allows the face to hang over the orange glow of the sun's rising moment.


1. The two-color blush is usually in the same color, and the two-color blush not only allows you to have a happy look, but also creates a clear three-dimensional outline for the face.

2. Some two-tone blush will have a matte background, a pearlescent highlight, which brightens the skin and highlights the outline.

3. Combine or mix two colors, the biggest benefit of two-color blush is that you can achieve the desired effect as you wish.

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