Get rid of fatigue and have refreshing skin

The theory of bitter summer is not only for the body, but summer is also the most tired season for the skin! In addition to dealing with the aging and blackening of the ultraviolet rays, every 1 degree of skin moisture loss will lose 2% of the high temperature and the skin can not afford to hurt! Want to get rid of fatigue and dull skin in summer, get refreshing freedom? With the Xiaobian, learn the ace 4 strokes, and the summer can also have refreshing muscles !

The first trick of refreshing ace: just remove the sunscreen and remove makeup!

Get rid of fatigue, have refreshing skin

Because the quality of the sunscreen is heavy, if it is not thoroughly cleaned, it will easily remain on the surface of the skin to form dirt. Moreover, there are many opportunities for skin removal in summer, and if the dust, makeup and oil are not properly cleaned, it will be very easy to form rough and dull skin. Therefore, as long as there is sunscreen, you must use makeup remover!

Oil-based makeup remover for girls who apply both sunscreen and makeup; and if you only have sunscreen products, it is recommended to choose a cleansing product with a slightly cleansing function.

Recommended products with makeup : KOSE high silk clear muscle cleansing oil 185ml/220 yuan

Get rid of fatigue, have refreshing skin

Product Efficacy: High silk clear muscle cleansing oil, deep cleansing prescription, added new ingredients can quickly dissolve sebum, remove angle plugs, even waterproof and other difficult to remove makeup, blackheads in pores and cause dull skin The aged keratin containing melaline pigment can be completely removed to achieve a high transparency, soft and smooth deep cleaning effect. Chinese herbal formula can soothe the skin and tighten pores. Continuous use, the skin will not easily produce acne and acne, the texture will become more detailed.

Suyan sunscreen recommended products: BENEFIT Pui Ling Fei fast makeup remover 236ml / ¥ 230 yuan

Get rid of fatigue, have refreshing skin

Product effect: It has no greasy feeling, it is easy to use, just wipe it gently, even the most stubborn mascara can be gently removed completely. You don't have to scrub hard, your skin won't hurt because you remove makeup. The skin after makeup removal feels smooth, clean and full of moisture.

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