Beverage bottle quietly "slimming" by the lawsuit

In recent years, food and beverage bottles have been quietly "slimming" frequently, and some beverages have lost 10-50 milliliters of their original capacity. However, the price has not been reduced, which is in fact a change in price for replacement packaging. Different types of milk th

Basic definition and classification of particleboard

Definition: A sheet made of wood scrap (wood shavings, sawdust or similar materials) or non-wood plant scraps (flax, bagasse, wheat straw, straw or similar) that are hot pressed together with the adhesive. classification: According to the manufacturing method: flat pressure

Wood pests and their prevention and control

1. Wood pests and their species Insects can be divided into food, leaf, root, phagocytosis, shell, sex, blood, etc. Wood pests are mainly food insects (or wood-eating insects) and fungus insects. After the trees are harvested and the processing of the wood is processed, the m

BOPP bottle full interpretation

Biaxially oriented polypropylene (ie, BOPP) is a film-making material that is used to pack food, cigarettes, clothing, and films on books and laminates on books, using BOPP film. The advantages of this thin film material are transparency, certain barrier properties, stiffness, high strength, and n

Printing gray balance adjustment

(A) the role of the black version Ideal color reproduction of the color, only need to Y, M, C tricolor ink overlay, you can combine thousands of colors and different brightness of the achromatic, which is the three primary color reproduction theory. However, the three-primary inks do not have the

UV Varnish Common Problems and Solutions

First, the gloss is not good, the brightness is not enough main reason: 1. UV Varnish viscosity is too low and the coating is too thin. 2. Ethanol and other non-reactive solvents are diluted in excess. 3. UV oil coating is not uniform. 4. The paper is too absorbent. 5. The anilox roller is t