Talking about the evolving book binding design language

With the development of society and the continuous development of technology, modern design has increasingly become an important tool and an essential means for international exchange. One of the inevitable trends of this kind of development is that the design national characteristics of various c

Green lithography ink lithography suitability

Evolution and Composition of Soybean Ink (1) History Soybean ink was produced from the 1979 newspaper publishers association (the American Newspaper Publish Association, ANPA) and advocated the development of alternative petroleum-based printing inks. In order to reduce dependence on imported cr

Coca-Cola Roundhead

This year, Coca-Cola has selected 15 winning entries from nearly 4,000 copies of 17 countries in the world with “My definition of happiness and the dream of expressing a beautiful tomorrow” and invited 10 famous designers from all over the world to participate. The same theme design wo