Impact of JDF on Postpress Equipment Development

The establishment of the JDF standard reflects the overall trend of digital prepress technology in-depth development of printing and post-press processing. The purpose is to achieve the integration of the three major processes of prepress, printing and post-press processing, as well as the integra

Technical issues encountered in plastic bottle recycling

A: Identification Technology Many kinds of plastics, lack of practical identification techniques that can be operated on the spot, experience-based judgments; identification is the most basic technology, very particular about the experience, not a comprehensive 3 years, 5 years difficult to grasp;

Quality Control in Digital Printing Process

From traditional printing to desktop publishing (DTP) to today's CTP and digital printing, the printing industry has undergone a process of constant change. However, no matter how the printing industry changes, people are only paying attention to the transmission and reproduction of graphic in

The concept and types of book backs

Refers to the cloth that is attached to the back of the book block when it is made. The back cover of paperback books is mainly gauze (rarely used lithographic cloth), and is mainly used for sewing thread binding and bookbinding; the hardcover book back covers gauze, non-woven fabrics, and composi