Crystal diamond glass bottle: safe, heat-resistant

Crystal diamond glass bottle, made of high-grade heat-resistant glass, no seams, no milk scale, easy to clean, can be high temperature 600 degrees, heat-seasonable temperature of 200 degrees, expansion coefficient of up to 30%. Bottle bottle body is highly transparent, lightweight and portable, t

OKI Needle Printer Needs a Strong "Heart"

In today's severe product homogenization, printer products must have superior core technologies in order to win the competition. The core technologies of needle punching are almost all concentrated on the print head. The quality of the printers varies greatly. In the pin printing market, the t

Teach you how to identify parallel inkjet printers

Wonderful 3D printer customers create their own products within the local area network printer sharing method "makes up" black and white color batch printer office literacy Those who ignore the printer marking parallel imports is in fact the goods smuggled through informal channels, comp

Opaque plastic bottled milk is fresher

The short shelf life of milk in glass bottles makes people mistakenly think they are more fresh. actually not. Transparent packaging of milk, some nutrients will be lost. The calcium in milk is relatively stable, but vitamins and amino acids decompose under light. A Cornell University study found t

Plastic Bag Sorting - Bag Making

There are many kinds of plastic bags and their specifications are uncertain. Therefore, the design and production staff often overlook the bag-making method. As a result, although the design drafts are exquisite, the resulting finished product packaging is unsatisfactory and even becomes a waste p

The Phenomenon of Glass Bottle Marketing Broker

When we understand the market economy, we should link the mutual dependence between the market and the economy. At the beginning of the 90s, when the national ware industry exclaimed that the market was weak, Dalian Glassware Factory relied on international glassware marketing brokers and received

Interpreting perfume traits from perfume bottles

The characteristics of the perfume are often very good with the color of the bottle, so it is quite reasonable to take the appearance. Therefore, first of all, from the color of the perfume bottle, we can roughly determine the perfume's character. It is especially important to see the first fe